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The Best Softball Pants on the Market

Posted on June 05 2024

When we launched VROBI at the end of 2017 we knew that Softball Pant Fit was very important to the Female Athlete. We also knew that durability was just as important. We sourced a fabric that was a heavier weight than most pants on the market. We went with numerical sizing to offer more sizes for each player. The end result was a pant that was BULLETPROOF! This pant was basically indestructible. We had somewhat of a cult following with this.....mostly parents and coaches were always giving us feedback on how great the durability was which led us to believe we were on the right track. The fit was just ok. The problem was that we were not hearing from players themselves. We knew that stretch was lacking and would be key to getting that perfect fit that girls are looking for. We had to take a hard look at our offering and decide how to move forward. We knew that once you add elasticity to the fabric that the durability is diminished. No other company has really found a solution to this problem to our knowledge. Pants are either fairly durable with minimal stretch or a lot of stretch but don't last. We wanted the best of both worlds.....Great Durability and Great Fit. 

This quest to create the best Softball pants on the market put us on a 2 year development journey. We worked with numerous fabric mills and received samples of their standard options. We quickly learned that the standard options available were not going to get us where we wanted to go. We would have to develop a new fabric. This long development process led us to the Huracan Performance Pant. Huracan is our new proprietary fabric produced using Air Jet Loom Technology. This pant is designed with 4 way stretch to achieve the perfect fit with the durability that VROBI pants are known for. We now receive calls, emails and messages daily from parents, coaches and PLAYERS on how much they love our pants. The one problem that we are hearing consistently now is that Players want to buy stock (non custom) pants from VROBI. Something we don't currently offer. When players need to purchase pants individually for High School ball or practice etc. they are wanting us to have these stock options available for purchase. We have made this a priority and will have stock options by the end of 2024. 

If your team is interested in learning more about VROBI please contact us. We offer Free Artwork and Fit Kits ready to send out so that every player can get the perfect size. The easiest way to get started with VROBI is to send us a Request A Quote at link below. Also as mentioned previously be on the lookout for stock pant options coming soon!



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