Congratulations on your purchase of Custom VROBI Uniforms! VROBI uses High Performance Fabrics that have been developed and thoroughly tested for your sport. These High Performance Fabrics are designed to be lightweight, breathable and meet the durability requirements that is desired by our customers. To ensure you get the longevity out of your uniforms please read the following disclaimers below regarding High Performance Fabrics.
Avoid the Following to prevent snags and pilling on Performance Fabrics: 
  • Avoid Friction with any Abrasive surface such as leaning on fences etc.
  • Avoid friction with equipment that has Velcro
Do the Following:
  • Follow Wash Guidelines on labels of garments
  • Wash with like items
  • Zip up any zippers and button snaps when placing in wash
  •  Turn garments inside out when placing in wash
Please note that if Guidelines above are not followed then any issues are considered user wear and tear and VROBI cannot be responsible for damages to fabric.