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Soldier HS Reloaded Wheeled Bag

The Soldier Hard Shell Reloaded takes the Soldier line of bags to another level! The Soldier HS Reloaded line shares all of the same great features of the Soldier HS but with additional upgrades and features. The Bag Fabrics have been upgraded for increased durability, heavier duty PE Plates and Binding to maintain structure and shape, and also features Detachable Panel Technology (DPT)! DPT allows you to change bag colors or further customize your bag easily with DPT Attachments. The Reloaded Wheeled Bag also gets an improved longer Telescoping Handle, Upgraded Bottom for Increased Stability with a Molded Handle Built into the Bottom Support. Check out our Team Discounts Page for Team Discounts available.


Assembly Instructions:

The Soldier HS Reloaded Wheeled Bag Base will arrive to you collapsed for shipping. Remove from bag and install the internal PE Plates/shelves as desired. The DPT attachments will need to be attached to Base. See Instructions HERE


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