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Customer Uniform Checklist


Orders with Neon Colors will have a 1 week longer lead time than Normal Lead Times.

Please note that peak season is Jan. 15th - May 1st. During this timeframe leadtimes can be up to 8 weeks from order date and we do not accept Rush. Please plan accordingly during this time.

VROBI Sports is not responsible for delays due to Governmental Restrictions that occur because of Pandemics, Natural Disasters and any Shipping delays by Courier services or delays in Customs. With that said we have built our business by providing quality on time shipments of orders so we will always do whatever is in our control to deliver orders on time. 

Production begins the next business day after the invoice has been paid and all rosters and artwork mockups have been confirmed by email.

Additional players added to Roster once production begins is considered an ADD ON ORDER. We suggest accounting for Sub Players and Add On players when placing the original order. Add On Orders will always follow the same lead times as regular order as noted above.

Add on orders if ordering less than 10 of each item do not qualify for discounted pricing and will receive Regular Pricing as noted below. Add On orders require a minimum of 3pcs total to place an add on order. This can be 3 pcs of any item from original order.

Baseball/Softball Platinum Package Add On Orders with Bags- There are no restrictions on how many stock bags you order for an add on as long as we have stock. However pricing for less than 10 will follow the regular pricing on at time of order and do not include the Team Discount.

Add On Order Frequency Restrictions- In the past we have always done our best to allow as many add on orders as needed. Unfortunately this policy leaves the potential for orders to be excessively placed causing many disruptions and inefficiencies in manufacturing. Beginning on 9/1/2021 our policy is no add on order can be accepted until the current order is shipped and received by customer.  If you place an order with us, you cannot place another add on order until the first order or previous add on order is received. This new policy allows us to maintain our competitive pricing, improve lead times and numerous other benefits. Again we highly encourage you to account for sub players and additional players on your original order to the best of your ability and always consider the add on frequency restriction as well when placing your add on orders. 

Regular Pricing as Follows:

Neon Team Colors: Please see neon color chart. Teams that require Neon Colors will incur an additional $5 extra per item and lead times will be extended by 1 week.

Baseball & Softball

  • V-Neck, Crew, Sleeveless Jersey $39.99 each
  • Two Button Jersey $44.99 each
  • Full Button Jersey $49.99 each
  • Pants, Hoodie, Cage Jackets $49.99 each
  • Bags- Will be regular pricing shown on at time of order


  • Non Reversible Basketball Full Set (Jersey & Shorts) $69.99 each
  • Reversible Basketball Full Set (Jersey & Shorts) $99.99 each
  • Shooting Shirts (All Styles) $44.99 each

Track & Field

  • Track Jersey $39.99 each
  • Track Shorts $39.99 each
  • Full Zip Track Jacket (with or without hood) $52
  • Track Pants and Joggers $44.99


  • Short Sleeve and Sleeveless Jersey $39.99
  • Long Sleeve Jersey $44.99
  • Volleyball Shorts $39.99


  • Singlet $54.99
  • Short Sleeve/Long Sleeve Compression Shirt $44.99
  • Fight Shorts $44.99

Team Gear/Coach Gear (All Sports)

  • Performance T-Shirt $39.99
  • Women's Athletic Shorts $39.99
  • Men's Athletic Shorts $39.99
  • Performance Fleece Hoodie $49.99
  • Full Zip Warmup (with or without hood) $52
  • Warmup Pant and Jogger $44.99
  • Qzip Fleece $52
  • Polo Shirt $44.99
  • Short Sleeve/Long Sleeve Cage Jacket $49.99

 Custom Hats, Visors and Custom Bags- Hats, Visors and Custom Bags require a minimum of 10 pcs on any order. No add on orders less than 10 are allowed. Please keep this in mind when placing your original order.

To allow us to fully focus on orders and timely delivery, there is no need to contact us prior to 4 weeks from order date to check on your uniforms. We are hard at work to deliver on time and will notify you of ship dates when they are known.

All uniforms are customized based on the Final Roster Approved at the time order is placed. Fit kit and sizing charts are available anytime prior to ordering. VROBI is not responsible for incorrect sizing and will always follow what the Final Roster was approved from.

Mockup and Roster Approval
Final Artwork Mockups and Final Rosters will be sent prior to start of production. These documents must be approved by customer. Email is the preferred method to communicate artwork and roster approvals. VROBI will not start production until Email with Roster and Artwork Mockup confirmation is received. When approving the roster and artwork you are agreeing that all Numbers, Sizes, Printed Names, graphics and all details associated with the order are accurate. Once the order is placed, no changes can be made.

Please Note: Artwork Mockups are not scaled 100% and all placement of logos, numbers etc. are per our standards. We always do our best to give the best visual of what your uniforms will actually look like, but the mockups are only for display purposes and our size standard will always be followed in actual production. We have attempted to match on screen colors as close as possible to VROBI’s Approved Team Colors however due to many variables in play we do not guarantee the on-screen colors to be a true match on the finished product and this is especially true for Fade/Ombre looks where there is a gradient from one color to another and Transparencies or Ghosted effects. Fades from one color to another will create a transition color in between the two colors that we cannot always replicate accurately on digital artwork. This is the natural effect of combining colors and some colors work better with fades than others so please keep this in mind when doing fade looks. The Colors shown in artwork mockups are for display purposes only. VROBI’s Approved Team Colors will always be used unless a Custom color is requested. (Further info noted below under “Color Chart and Matching”).


At VROBI Sports, we strive to give you quality-finished products and we stand behind all our products. VROBI guarantees our merchandise against manufacturing defects. We will repair any defects that we are notified of within 14 days after you have received your order. After 14 days any repairs or defects will be the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

• Customized products cannot be exchanged.

• Normal wear and tear are not considered a manufacturing defect.

• To return a defective item, email for help.

• We are not responsible for garments that have been outgrown.

• We will not be responsible for garments that have been mishandled or washed incorrectly. All items must be returned in original packaging for exchange/credit to be approved.

• VROBI is not responsible for incorrect sizing and will always follow what the Final Roster was approved from. Please make sure that the parents/players understand that these are custom uniforms and we do not accept returns. We encourage players to order the size that best fits them at the time of the fitting. Typically when a player sizes with "room to grow" they are not happy once uniforms are received. Our fit kits/patterns are the same as our production ran uniforms and within allowed tolerances. Each order is inspected for quality numerous times during production.

Non-Returnable, Non-Exchangeable Items

• Items that have been worn, altered, washed, damaged or soiled.

• Customized products cannot be exchanged and will only be replaced if manufacturing defect is verified and claim submitted within 14 days.

• Baseball/Softball Pants are not warrantied due to the nature of use.

For more info on our Return Policy please see Returns Page on website at:

Performance Fabrics
VROBI uses High Performance Fabrics that have been developed and thoroughly tested for your sport. These High Performance Fabrics are designed to be lightweight, breathable and meet the durability requirements that is desired by our customers. To ensure you get the longevity out of your uniforms please read the following disclaimers below regarding High Performance Fabrics.

Avoid the Following to prevent snags and pilling on Performance Fabrics:

  • Avoid Friction with any Abrasive surface such as leaning on fences etc.
  • Avoid friction with equipment that has Velcro

Do the Following:

  • Follow Wash Guidelines on labels of garments
  • Wash with like items
  • Zip up any zippers and button snaps when placing in wash
  • Turn garments inside out when placing in wash
Please note that if Guidelines above are not followed then any issues are considered user wear and tear and VROBI cannot be responsible for damages to fabric.

Color Chart and Matching
VROBI does not guarantee color matching for any of its products. If there is a specific color you are looking to match, we can accommodate if provided a color sample. Color matching is still not 100% guaranteed and is provided as a “close” match. 

All White Jerseys and White Pants- VROBI's Sub Series Uniforms uses Full Dye Sublimation. This process dyes colors onto all White Fabric. When White is selected for uniforms, the natural white fabric is used for the White color as it is not possible to Full Dye White on White fabric. With that said different fabrics can have subtle differences in the natural white color. Please take this into account when selecting all white uniforms. 

Teams and Organizations that provide us logos for their artwork designs and order are agreeing that they have the required rights to use those logos. There are numerous risk using logos that you don't have authorization to use including but not limited to uniforms being seized upon inspection. VROBI will not be responsible for any issues that arise due to improper logo use and any losses will be customers responsibility. Therefore it is very important to use logos that you have the right to use and when in doubt let VROBI design your logos. Logos designed by us belong to VROBI and we cannot send out logos in digital format other than the artwork designs sent for Uniform approvals. VROBI reserves the right to use the uniforms created by VROBI for sales, advertising/marketing and/or any other lawful purpose. 


We will always do our best to make your order with the same color Zippers, Snaps and Buttons as used on artwork. If we are unable to use a specific color due to inventory, we will substitute another color that matches your uniforms or a neutral color.

Reorders and Player Addons
We will always do our best to maintain consistency on future orders compared to the original order but due to many variables at play and time in between orders we cannot guarantee that all components such as snap colors, zipper colors etc. will always be the same on a reorder or addon order compared to the original order. Additionally, we cannot guarantee exact sublimated colors on reorders and addon orders compared to the original order. Periodically VROBI will make improvements to fabrics/components and make further improvements to our uniform patterns for continuous improvement based on feedback from the field. Please do not always make the assumption that add on orders will always be exactly the same as initial order. In general if it has been a long period of time since order then we always suggest fitting as we will always be continually improving our product line. 

Fit Kits
Fit Kits are $100 deposit and available after mockups are complete and a fitting date is scheduled. Once the invoice is paid your team is placed on the fitting schedule. Your kit is not saved until invoice is paid. Invoices must be paid 5 days prior to fitting to allow for shipping. If invoice is paid with less than 5 days to fitting you will be responsible for the extra shipping cost to ensure the kit arrives on your fitting date. Fit kits are shipped so that you receive it 1-2 days before the fitting. With all Fit Kits You Are Agreeing to:

• Make sure that parents and players are aware of the fitting date.

• If a player cannot make the fitting you have scheduled, they will have to fit by the sizing chart that we have available.

• Deposits are credited back when the uniform order is placed. If you decide not to place an order the deposit will be refunded minus shipping cost.

• Shipping the Kit back the day after the fitting.

• Failure to comply with this agreement can result in being responsible for the full value of the Fit Kit in the amount of $350.

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