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Top Uniform Looks for Baseball & Softball in 2020

Posted on January 06 2020

Here at VROBI we do a lot of art mockups for Baseball and Fastpitch Softball teams all over the country. We recently brought our graphic artist and account managers together to discuss what has been hot leading into the 2020 Baseball and Softball Season.

CREME UNIFORMS- Doing off white uniforms has been around but as of recently we are seeing a huge uptick in Creme Uniform request. Teams will normally opt for this option instead of White and is a great look to set you apart in 2020.

PINSTRIPE UNIFORMS- Another look that has been around but seems to be picking up steam in a big way. Pinstripes are being requested in multiple ways from Thick to Thin and on all of our Jersey styles including Full Button, Two Button and Crew/V-Neck Jerseys.

KNICKERS OR FULL LENGTH PANTS- Many Baseball teams are allowing their players to choose between Knickers or Full Length. At VROBI we allow team orders to split up their pant options between Full Length and Knickers using the same look.

GREY and CHARCOAL- Similar to the Creme option, many teams are opting for a Grey or Charcoal set even if that color isn’t one of their standard team colors.

PATRIOTIC LOOKS- Many teams are opting for a Patriotic Look regardless of their Team colors. For example a team may be Purple and Black but still do a Jersey in Navy/Red/White. Additionally some teams will change the patriotic look to their team colors. So for example instead of Navy/Red/White Flag patterns they will use Purple/Black/White for the flag colors.


What’s Out?

Digital Camo- Digital Camo in team colors request are steadily decreasing. This look has had a long run so it may be time. However the Digital Camo in Military Colors such as Olive Green is picking up. Many are using this subtly as a trim on collars, ends of sleeves or Panel on the pants.


Let us Help

At VROBI Sports we use Full Dye Sublimation so design options are endless for your Baseball and Softball Uniforms. Additionally we don’t limit our designs to what is loaded in a Custom Builder. You select from hundreds of designs we already have on hand and update as you wish or come up with a completely new concept. The best way to get started with us is to submit a REQUEST A QUOTE. From there an Account Manager will respond to you within 1 Business day. Art Mockups take 1-2 Business days. Team Packages Available!

Top Baseball and Softball Uniforms in 2020



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