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VROBI SPORTS Top Baseball and Softball Bags in 2020

Posted on January 06 2020

Here at VROBI we have Baseball and Softball Bags to fit a wide variety of players and preferences. Here is a look at our offering in 2020. Team Discounts available!

SOLDIER HS BAT PACK- This is a Hard Shell Structured design. What this means is that we designed the Soldier to stand up and hold its shape. Have you ever loaded your bag and then tried to put cleats in with no room? This is a non issue with the Soldier. This bag is designed with dedicated compartments and shelving. The EVA Compression Molded Lid protects your glove or hat. The middle compartment is for your Helmet and other gear. The bottom compartment is a ventilated footwear compartment. 4 Neoprene Bat Holders, 2 Fence Hooks, Felt Lined Valuables Pocket and more! This was our most popular bag in 2019 and will likely be a best seller in 2020!

SOLDIER HS WHEELED BAG- New to the VROBI Bag Arsenal, this bag has everything mentioned for the Soldier HS Bat Pack except has a Telescoping Handle and Wheels! This will be a very popular roller bag for Baseball and Softball Players in 2020!

INFANTRY HS WHEELED BAG- There is so much to say about this bag! Essentially this is the Soldier HS Bag on Steroids! Enough size to handle all of your Catchers Gear and then some. Designed with the same great features as the Soldier having Hard Shell Protection for your Glove or Hat, Dedicated Compartments and Shelving, Footwear Compartment, holds 5 bats, Cooler Lined Pouch, Telescoping Handle, Wheels and more! Structured design prevents bag from sagging in the middle when weighed down. Designed to Stand upright or lay down. This is the ultimate Catchers Bag!


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